Aquila Shelters provides temporary shelters that can be installed in a hurry anywhere in the UK.

Our emergency shelters are used to provide total weather protection safely for people, animals and stock. If you need to provide outdoor shelter all year round you’ll need to consider the following things:

  • Connecting your temporary shelter and main building. Our modular shelters can be installed to cover any shape or size of outdoor space including drops in ground level. For example, you may wish to install a temporary shelter over a loading bay which has a drop in height to the road.
  • The weather conditions! Our shelter designs are installed nationally as permanent canopies and have stood up to the strongest gales and heaviest snow fall ever experienced in this country.
  • Shelter safety! There is always a risk of the weight of snow building up on a canopy roof causing it to collapse. For this reason large clear-span canopies require constant heating during periods of snowfall requiring external heaters and hefty fuel bills. Our tensile fabric shelter with its acutely shaped peak is designed to prevent snow build up and will even hold 1 tonne of snow without the need for internal heating.
  • Side Protection, this can be offered in the form of opening or non-opening walls, or for long term security solid wall panels.

Modular shelter installation, hard and soft surfaces

Our temporary shelters have been used as temporary warehouses (additional storage for Christmas stock, temporary chilled storage areas), livestock shelters and temporary visitor and training accommodation.

If you’re in need of a temporary shelter in a hurry then please contact us today on 01204 522 424 or e-mail More information about shelter sizes can be found here or watch the following video:

The following images illustrate the layout for temporary shelters at a building supplies yard, additional storage space was required to cover a large area with access by fork-lift trucks.

Temporary shelter for building supplies yard

Vehicle access

Temporary outdoor warehouse

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