Here at Aquila we’ve always taken health and lifestyle seriously. By maintaining a healthy BMI and taking part in regular physical activities such as Mountaineering, Triathlon and Zumba, we’ve been able to sustain a healthy motivated workforce for 30 years. Our sickness rate is almost zero and in what is often a very physically demanding job we’ve never failed to deliver a contract. Whether it’s a round of golf, cycling to work, lunchtime yoga at V1ntage Studio in Bolton, a company expedition to Snowdonia, or even competitive weightlifting, we encourage all our employees to be as healthy as possible.

In fact, we take our own health so seriously that we’re passionate about good health for others. That’s why we have teamed up with local community interest group First Step to help spread the word about their Healthy Britain 19:25 project. The 19:25 project, also dubbed “Livelong“, is aimed at raising awareness of Body Mass Index (BMI). The normal healthy BMI range is between 19 and 25 however, over 60% of the current population falls above this range, meaning they are overweight.

An Aquila employee helps promote the BMI 19-25 Project

By visiting schools, GP surgeries and companies in Bolton the Livelong team hopes to move 1,000 people from outside the 19:25 range into it. Following a unique coaching and training plan incorporating Mind, Exercise and Nutrition, the trainers work on a one-to-one basis, to help people literally “Shred” their extra pounds. With amazing results already the programme has led to happy, healthier, more motivated individuals. The Livelong team has an audacious goal to spread their plan to 1,000 towns and cities across the UK, resulting in 1 million healthier people by 2025.

In addition to caring about the health of the nation we at Aquila also hope to be involved in many of the 14 events planned for 2014, the “14 in 14”. Our Event Shelters are constructed from a UV resistant PVC coated fabric that allows light to pass through while totally protecting anyone sheltering beneath them, making them perfect all-weather canopies for outdoor sports events.

Aquila Shelters marquees being used at NHS Fun Triathlon, Bolton

With an extremely busy series of team events planned for 2014, the Livelong team will be promoting the 19:25 message to as many people as possible. To be a member of the 19:25 team at any of the following events, or to find out more about the Livelong project near you, contact Gareth Price on 07798 853 283: Twin Peaks Challenge (April), Manchester 10k (May), Horwich Triathlon (May), Three Peaks Challenge (June), World Record Aerobics attempt (July), Colorun (July), Ironman UK (July),Manchester 100 Cycle Sportive (September), 1,925 mile round Britain cycle ride (September), Bolton Cycle Sportive (September), Tough Mudder, Half Marathon, 24-Hour Studio Relay, Duathlon.

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